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Energy, vitality, focus and passion come from not only the intricate details of your individual chemical makeup, but also the fuel you use to fire your engine and how it complements your internal intricacies.  A customized, individual approach with Cathy will get you to the top of your game.

The time is NOW.

Private, online sessions (telephonic or interactive videoconference) will provide a secure space to discuss your personal health and wellness goals where Cathy will  determine which  keys to use to unlock your greatest potential. Sessions are available in the evening, weekends and some holidays.

Why Cathy?

Cathy is a recognized Registered Dietitan Nutritionist with speciality certification in diabetes and weight management, as well as an exercise physiologist with multiple certifications in nearly all fitness modalities. Work with a truely experienced professional who has helped thousands of people in the hospital, and clinical  setting who is on her way to becoming a Medical Doctor.

Key Lifestyle Components


Dimensions of physical - emotional - spiritual - intellectual - occupational - environmental and social wellness are often neglected in today's fast-paced over-scheduled lifestyle. Balancing aspects of these dimensions can help achieve optimal health and well-being. 


HiTT-Cycle-Run-Swim-Cardio Bar Bell-Pole Dance-Mat and Reformer Pilates-Barre-Yoga-Dumbells-Plates-Bands-Balls-the  choices are vast, overwhelming and can be discouraging. Cathy will design a customized fitness routine that meets your needs and gives you confidence and authenticity.


Ketogenic-high protein-vitamin & mineral supplements-grams- points-shakes-fat burners-carb inhibitors-detox-the suggestions are endless and very confusing. Cathy will designing a customized meal plan that meets your needs giving you energy, strength and vitality.


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Contact Cathy for a 10 minute complimentary session to see if she is the right fit for coaching you towards optimal health and well-being.